Lisa “Tinka” Jordy

“Shelter from the Storm”  Detail









“The surfaces of my sculptures are full of surface cracks, fissures and imperfections that express the earth, the passing of time, our mortality, and the search for spirituality. I work on them until they look back at me. There’s something very immediate about having the piece look right back at you in the same scale. For over 35 years I have worked in clay as it is the one material that, if I listen closely, communicates these sentiments so beautifully.”

Ms. Jordy received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1977 after attending The Cleveland Institute of Art and The Kansas City Art Institute. Jordy recently received the ‘Best in Show’ award at the 21st Annual Sculpture exhibition at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. In 2009 Jordy was honored to receive a public commission for a 7′ figurative Bronze Sculpture. The piece was sculpted in clay at her studio in North Carolina and cast in bronze. The finished bronze was installed in Memorial Park, Oxford Mississippi.

All works are high fired stoneware clay and are suitable for indoor or outdoor display.