Michael Yankowski

“Raven Set the Moon”






These sculptures contain spiritual and religious overtones and incorporate a wide variety of symbols associated with the Christian faith. Inspiration comes from Catholic services and churches, childhood memories and dreams. I explore recurring themes of life, death, rebirth, faith and hope; combining specifically fabricated symbolic imagery to reveal unspoken emotions.

I have studied under masters of a variety of media. This allows for the flexibility to portray imagery in a variety of forms. I incorporate various woods, metal, glass and other materials to construct unique personal visions rooted in religious teachings. The different materials convey meaning via there unique textures, colors, and construction. The small vignettes are meticulously crafted, drawing the viewer into the detail. They are reminiscent of reliquaries of the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

Selected Exhibitions

2015 – “Artists of Faith”, Carol Robinson Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2014 – Annual Box Competition, Northwest Woodworkers Gallery, Seattle, WA
2014 – Louisiana Contemporary Competition, Ogden Museum, New Orleans, LA
2014 – “Artists Among Us”, Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA
2014 – Hidden Treasures Art Magazine Yearbook, Surrey, UK
2013 – “The Guitar Project”, Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA
2013 – Mighty Tieton 4th International 10X10, Tieton, WA
2013 – Louisiana Biennial National Competition, Louisiana Tech, Ruston, LA
2012 – “Art Melt” Louisiana Artists Competition, Baton Rouge, LA
2012 – “Design in Wood” International Competition, San Diego, CA
2011 – “Art Kudos” International Web Competition
2011 – “Positive Negative” National Competition, University of East Tennessee, Johnson City, TN
2011 – “Design in Wood” International Competition, San Diego, CA
2010 – One Man Show, Baylor Woman’s College, Waco, Texas
2010 – “Surreal Salon” Competition, Baton Rouge Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA
2009 – One Man Exhibition, Louisiana State University at Alexandria, LA
2008 – 42nd National Competition, Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX
2007 – “Artists of Faith”, Carol Robinson Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2007 – One Man Exhibition – Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA
2007 – LSU 20x20x20 National Competition, Baton Rouge, LA
2006 – National September Competition, Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA
2006 – Delmar College 40th National, Corpus Christi, TX
2005 – Louisiana All Media Competition, Baton Rouge, LA
2005 – One man show – Barnwell Art Center, Shreveport, LA
2005 – Masur Museum of Art – 32nd National Annual, Monroe, LA
2004 – Masur Museum of Art – 31st National Annual, Monroe, LA
2004 – Naverro Arts Council 21st National, Corsicana, TX
2004 – Louisiana All Media Competition, Baton Rouge, LA
2003 – “Crucifix” Invitational, Louisiana College, Pineville, LA
2003 – “Fest For All” invitational exhibition, Baton Rouge, LA
2002 – Two man exhibition, Coventry Gallery, Appleton, WI
2001 – Annual Crafts Invitational, River Oaks Gallery, Alexandria, LA
2000 – Animals in Art National Competition, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA
2000 – Masur Museum of Art – 27th National Annual, Monroe, LA
1999 – International Miniature Print Competitio, Norwalk, VA
1999 – “Visual Poetry Invitational, Baton Rouge Gallery, LA
1999 – 13th International Print Exhibition, Yeager Museum, Hartwick College, NY
1998 – “Ghost of Cornell” Invitational, Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans, LA
1998 – Lafayette Art Association International Competition, Lafayette, LA

Honors and Awards

2007 – Northwestern State University’s Derby Endowed Professorship
2007 – First Place, National 20x20x20 Competition, LSU, Baton Rouge
2006 – First Place, September National Competition, Alexandria Museum of Art
2006 – Honorable Mention, Delmar College 40th Annual National, Corpus Christi
2005 – Second Place, Louisiana All Media Competition, LSU

2000 – Louisiana Endowed Artists Fellowship

Professor of Art – Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA


1992 – MFA, Louisiana Tech
1984 – MS, University of Wisconsin
1974 – BS, University of Wisconsin