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My paintings grow out of the southern rural life my wife and I enjoy close to our home in the country, where we are surrounded by horses, cows, and the many elements of the natural world. I know this world closely, and in my paintings I seek to render seemingly ordinary aspects of its landscape in ways that reveal their extraordinary character and beauty. I do not treat my subjects in a photo realistic manner. Instead, I seek to convey the atmosphere of a particular place at a particular time – the play of light, season, and time of day on the land and animals that inhabit it. My more recent works show this concern for atmosphere through looser brush strokes and the addition of colors to my palette to achieve a harmony of complementary warms and cools that permit me to convey the subtleties of light and time of day. I want those who view my paintings to do more than look at them. I want them to inhabit the world of each painting, to experience it fully.

“It was a warm spring morning and I remember sitting in Ms. Brooks first grade class on the second floor of Claiborne Elementary. As usual I was not paying attention to Ms. Brooks or what was going on in class. I was looking out the window, listening and watching the birds. When without warning I suddenly felt a sharp wack on the back of my neck. Instinctively flinching away while turning at the same time to see ‘those’ two piercing eyes zeroing in thru tear drop glasses, was …’Oh No’… Ms. Brooks and her killer ruler. ‘What are you doing?!’ was not a question but a declaration that I was in trouble. Words I had heard so many times over the course of that first grade year, words that would wake me from my sleep. I was drawing; I was always drawing and coloring. Now, many years later, I am still drawing and coloring.”

Juried Shows & Exhibitions

Carol Robinson Gallery, New Orleans, LA
Allied Artists of America of New York
American Impressionist Society
National Oil and Acrylics, Best in America (Signature Membership)
Best Brightest, Scottsdale Artist School
Southwest Artist of America National Show
Louisiana State Exhibit Museum
Lincoln Parish Exhibit Center
River Road National Show


Camping, hiking, traveling and exploring the outdoors, motorcycles, horses, reading and, most of all, spending time with family

Best Friend

My wife, Cathey

Personal Motto

I can do all things through Christ.