Warren Irwin

Warren Irwin
Artist Statement

It is drawing that has put art at the center of my life, and so I have been faced with a predicament. Most artists can draw, and many have a skill level that is vastly superior to mine. Should I make art simply by drawing because that’s what I do best, even if others can outperform me? Should I find something else to do with my artistic inclination that’s hopefully more difficult to judge in terms of skill level? Whatever I do, I want it to be relevant above all else, and I feel like a solid but unspectacular draftsman like myself cannot be relevant if all I do is draw. What I decided to do is make art from my drawings. The drawings themselves are the raw material, and once I deconstruct them, I can produce my work by rebuilding them as something else. Ironically, the collage ends up looking very much like a drawing, but all of the overlapping pieces provide a greater sense of my own struggle to make all of the parts add up to a new whole. I want my viewers to look a little bit longer to grasp what I went through to complete a piece. That little bit of extra time and attention standing in front of my work is the highest form of flattery.




2023, River Oaks Square Art Center, Alexandria, LA solo exhibition

2017-  Metairie Park Country Day School Georges Art Gallery
Alumni and Faculty Exhibition
2016- Mimi’s in the Marigny, New Orleans
2009- GSL Art Projects, New Orleans
2007- The Bean Gallery, New Orleans
2004- Big Top Gallery
2004- Metairie Park Country Day School Georges Art Gallery Alumni Exhibition
2001- Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans
2000- Cummer Museum of Art, Jacksonville, FL



2023, Ink Only IV National Printmaking Competition, Birmingham, AL

2023, New Orleans Art Association National Painting Competition

2021, River Oaks Square Art Center, Alexandria, LA 5 x 5 x 5 national- Best in Show

2009- Acadiana Center for the Arts Southern Open, Lafayette, LA
2009- Shaw Center for the Arts Art Melt, Baton Rouge, LA
2009- Satchmo Summer Fest Art Competition, New Orleans


1998- Bachelor of Arts, Art, Trinity University (TX)
2000- Master of Arts in Teaching, Art, Jacksonville University (FL)